Released on the Colecovision, Atari 2600, Intellivision and in the Arcades in 1982.


This game was released on many consoles at the time and the game was changed to suit the limitations of each system. The Atari version got the worst rap by reviewers and I can’t help but think because Celeco who actually made this game made it better for their own system the Celecovision! Also as a fun fact while doing research for this review on Wiki the entry claims that ‘Randy Kuntz’ is the world record holder for this game. 🙂 Here is a link. Say his name really fast 10 times in a public place to win a prize!


You play as ‘Winky’ a tomb raider (before it was popular) out to find hidden treasures in a dangerous dungeon full of monsters.


Control of Winky is done with the joystick and you use the button for shooting arrows. The game starts with Winky circling the treasure screen a couple of times then proceeds down stairs into the dungeon. The treasure screen shows all the items you have found and question marks for those you haven’t. You start in the hallways which has four rooms outlined with doors leading in and out which most of have two. In this area Winky is only represented as a dot to show the scale of the dungeon and he can’t attack anything. There are huge monsters (compared to Winky) patrolling these halls that will gravitate to Winky when he gets too close.


Once you enter a room generally three monsters will be moving around in there randomly, they move faster than Winky so be on your guard. If they touch you lose a life, if you shoot one and touch its dead body you will lose a life as well. If you linger to long a hallway monster will appear in the corner of the screen and make a bee line for you. If you leave the room and re-enter it the room will reset and you can try again. Once you collect the treasure and leave the room it is completed and will be filled in, when you have completed all rooms on the level you will advance to the next set of hallways.


Can’t be said that this wasn’t a happy game, Winkys smiling ear to ear and even the some of the fucking monsters are smiling so why is there so much violence, smiling assassins. If you check out the close up image above does it look like Winky’s is holding his ‘Winky’, that explains his smile! Personally I wouldn’t be smiling if I was walking around hallways with 10 foot bad ass monsters, especially if I had my dick in my hand! Also think about this if you shot an arrow at a skeleton how would that do any damage, think about that for a second, what the fuck are you going to hit? Lastly how does a dead body kill me, really!


This one of the first video games I ever played and the experience wasn’t soured by the fact I had to use the Celeco joystick as shown above, what a fucking mess that was! Every room in the game felt different with lots of types of monsters and room configurations. It gave you the freedom to choose which room you went into next unlike most other games that just lead you along. With dead bodies still being lethal you could block yourself in a room and have to exit and re-enter. The 2 player option let you compete on the amount of treasure that you had collected not just on highscores alone. I still remember to this day being terrified whenever the hallway monster entered the room I was in.



Collecting treasures is a nice change
Allows you choice

Monsters move faster than Winky