As the Amiga’s and Atari ST’s time was coming to an end there were still great games like this one being released. The IBM port of this game didn’t get much attention and the master system version was so cut down it was rubbish and begs the question why they didn’t go with a Megadrive/Genesis version instead!?


So here’s a wacky fucking story for a pretty straight forward game, Suten an intergalactic criminal hides on earth in the desert trying to elude capture. He is being hunted by Glem who tracks him to earth and decides to get one of its inhabitants to do his dirty work for him because he is a giant pussy! He doesn’t want a human as he sees them as stupid and clumsy! Sutens magic is affecting the other simpler animals so he decides to choose a fucking coyote and will help him subtly from a distance.


You start this side scrolling platformer in the Arctic and move your way through gradually hotter levels until you get to the desert at the end. This is apparently Glems way of gradually getting you ready to take one Suten. Movement is done via the joystick with jump being up, and the button firing little snow balls which is your primary weapon. Other than snowballs you can pick up other more powerful one off weapons from hidden ice boxes around the level and lightning bolts from shooting rain clouds. Shooting enemies freezes them so you can run through and shatter them, but make sure you do this before they thaw You occasionally get a little puppy following you that is invincible and helps by running through baddies but is generally pretty useless. To complete a level you must find all the pieces of a key which number 6 from the enemies and find the exit door. A time limit it is in place which is the sunsets in the background which you get 6.


In the Arctic throwing snow balls at enemies makes sense but in the jungle or desert what the fuck!? Where is he getting the fucking snow?! Biology wasn’t my strongest subject but I’m pretty sure if you freeze an animal it will die and still be dead even when thawed. Sonic the Hedge Hog was in the same boat all his animal pals were turned against him but he had the decency to break them out of there robot skin and they hopped away, Cool Coyote leaves none alive! That’s how you be cool kids!


This game was the most colourful game I owned apart from Zool and Trolls, the setting sunset in the background was ground breaking for the time. Also the mini map of the world stretched the entire base of the screen with beautiful shimmering water that would load up a good minute before the game was ready, giving you something to look at. The levels had heaps of hidden boxes, weapons and things to do and all the enemies were varied and unique to their levels. The only issue was there wasn’t a save option you had to complete the game with 3 lives and many levels had leaps of faith that would generally have you landing on a bad guy. That being said it can’t take away from such a beautiful a game that is actually fun to play so bring this one back!



Amazing graphics
Nice touches in animation
Awesome world map
Heaps of variety in levels

Leaps of faith
Your puppy is a half wit
No save option



Released on the Amiga & Atari ST in 1992, then ported to PC & Sega master system.


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