Released on the Nintendo 64 in 1999.


Since the Road Rash series started back in 1991 there have been many versions of the game over the 8 years leading up to this one. Yet the series now lies dormant and has done so for 15 years, Criterion the maker of Burnout has considered doing another version but has passed on it. The box art depicts a racer about to be hit by what looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin, the game was made by THX maybe they had some character models left over from their WWF games.


You are one of many bikers who take part in a series of illegal street races across the U.S.A.


The object is to be the first over the finishing line by any means possible so beat beating all opponents and evade the police. Control of your bike is done with the center joystick with the trigger for acceleration and the B button for brake. You can also pull a wheelie and jump over cars and some other obstacles by pressing the A button. Most important though is the fighting and this is all done with the C cursor buttons, there are a lot of moves you can pull off but you will soon get used to them. Other than kick and punch you have a large array of weapons you can pick up as you ride down the road and these can be swung either out front or behind you to take out opponents. You can also do a ‘spoke Jam’ which takes out the other rider immediately. Cattle prod is the only weapon you don’t swing instead you thrust it to you left or right and if you hit an opponent they will get shocked losing control of their bike and hopefully slam into a tree or building.

Road Rash 64_Jul13 8_55_05road-rash-64-06

I don’t ride bikes but I’m pretty sure that if I pop a wheelie in front of an oncoming car I won’t jump over it, that being said I haven’t tried it. Also if you swing anything let alone a fucking pole cue while riding a motor bike I’m pretty sure you’re going to go down quicker than a two dollar hooker! By the way where is your rider hiding the cue when not using it? If I personally rode up alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin with the intent of knocking him off his bike I wouldn’t take a pool cue I’d take a fucking shotgun!

NINTENDO64--Road Rash 64_Feb14 18_26_08.pngmedium_1_screenshot

This is a fun game still to this day it was a reinvention of the series and it’s a pity they didn’t continue with it, every game you play is so random and laugh worthy it’s a real shame it didn’t have a replay option. The only real draw back were the graphics as they were quite basic at best,  even if you had the additional expansion cartridge that boasted HI DEF graphics they were still kind of soft. But 2 player fun is where this game really shines and you forget about the crappy graphics as you beat the shit out of each other down the road. There are rumors of a kick-starter project based on road rash and hopefully it will be based on this game as it was truly the best in the series.



Great control of the bike
Heaps of weapons
Kick ass sound track
Awesome 2 Player
Each game so random

Basic Graphics
No replay option




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