Released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986.

In the weird as shit category this game takes the cake! That being said this game became a cult classic. What made this game so popular then and now with its legion of diehard fans, hopefully we can shed some light in this article.

You play as ‘PIT’ a young angel that can’t fly and you live in Angel Land, that’s the easy part done now concentrate on the next bit. Goddess Palutena and Goddess Medusa get in a heated argument and Palutena turns Medusa into a monster and banishes her to the underworld. Slightly pissed off by this Medusa gets her Minions to capture the Palutena and imprison her in her own castle (house arrest!). During this attack Medusa’s minions also steal three treasures from the kingdom a Mirror Shield, Light Arrows and the Wings of Pegasus. By taking these treasures she deprived Palutena’s army of its strength and are all turned to stone. Palutena finds you PIT and gives you a bow and some arrows; you escape with these and start your quest to save Palutena and earth.


At the outset this is a very hard game it is not forgiving and you will die a lot! It is a scrolling platform game and you start it by climbing up shooting your way through the baddies. Control of Pit is done through the D-pad and one button for jump and one button for shoot. Life is measured by a health meter at the top of the screen which will get larger as you buy upgrades from stores, but as for actual lives you only have the one! If you fall down a hole that’s it game over! It does have a password checkpoint function that shows up on the game over screen. The baddies are an odd bunch to say the least, the first are pretty straight forward snakes and Pacman like ghosts. But then you are confronted with flying Groucho Marx faces!


You would think that Paltuena wouldn’t be a Goddess if she made stupid decisions! This is clearly not the case as she rests the hopes of the planet earth and her own safety on an Angel that cant fucking fly! Humanities hopes lie with a dude that looks like cupid the angel of love and we are lead to believe he is going to become an unstoppable killing machine. It would have been better to have named him PITY because I think the goddess chose him out of pity, shit an Angel that cant fly that’s all they are required to do! Also Groucho Marx disguises flying around what the Fuck, Pit must have got stoned for the trip (literally) to build up some courage!


There must have been a lack of games out for the Nes when this one came out because how they sold teenage boys on a game that involves them playing cupid and collecting hearts in a pink world baffles me! If this came out later in the consoles life I don’t think so popular and in turn been  looked over by a lot of gamers for being too cute. I always found this game eerie and I still do playing it again today maybe a combination of the music and the fact that it has a black background. I do however appreciate the difficulty level more as a grown up and am more patient to get it right. Still haven’t made it past the first level though!



Great music
Good graphics for the time
Good level design
Password save

Fucking hard!
One life
Wacky baddies makes it hard to lose yourself in the world.




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