Released on the Commodore Amiga in 1990.


Awkwardly named game but don’t let that fool you, this was a game changer that would make designers look at how they made racing games from then on. Designed around the Pitstop model this 1 or 2 player game was a sensation, yet it has been forgotten only remembered by those who lived through that time. If you owned an Amiga you had this game.


Make your own one up, this is a driving game dumb ass!

The goal is simple one car must finish in the top ten of the twenty cars ontrack to progress to the next race. The position you finish your last race in will be reversed for the next race ie: Player 1 finishes 1st Player 2 finishes 3rd : Player 1 starts next race 20th Player 2 starts 18th. There are 32 tracks, 7 easy, 10 medium and 15 hard with varying race lengths and objects scattered across the road in parts such as water, oil, rocks and roadwork’s. On the longer races you will need to refuel which is done by stopping in the pitlane just after the start finish straight, once stopped there you will be shown a screen with mechanics working on your car, once you believe that you have enough fuel push fire to continue with your race.


You steer your Lotus esprit by moving your joystick from left to right and down acts as your brake. Acceleration has two options either pushing up on your joystick or pressing fire, this you will chose at the start of the game. You can also have computerized gears (automatic) or manual gears that use the opposite button layout to your acceleration ie: forward accelerate, fire button change gears.


So you and your friend have the only red cars in the field and all the rest are white, so are they all one team against the two of you? Clearly this is the case and they seem to have been celebrating their inevitable victory the night before because today they are all driving like they’re fucking smashed just swaying from one side of the road to the other! Our red cars do have a swish cd player (rare for the time) in them and the dealership seems to have left me with one CD that only has four fucking songs on it! Now this brings me to the race tracks, why the fuck am I racing on race tracks that have fucking roadworks going on and god damn boulders all over the place?!?


When I stop at the pits (red cars are the only ones that need fuel it seems) why do I get wheeled into the garage to have one mechanic work on my engine and one clean my front left tire, someone put fucking fuel in!


This was one of my favorite Amiga games and best played with friends. The best memories of this game were carving my way through the pack with a friend. You were racing each other ultimately but it felt like you were doing it for the greater good of the team. One thing this game didn’t have which a lot of games have today is rubber banding. If you built up a lead and drove well you would not be disadvantaged by the game pulling your friend up behind you. So you could be in second place until he crashed then you had a chance to get past him. I liked this it made try to be a better driver and if you won you deserved it, nothing like stopping in the pits from second to see your mate just exiting them it made you want to put less fuel in and gamble. It was also the first game I know of that had brake light that blew my fucking mind! If you haven’t played this but want to give it a try, do it with a friend and it will be worth it.


Great Two player
Great music
Graphics great for the time
20 cars on track at once

Swaying opponents can be annoying
No full screen in one player





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